DePalma’s Defense

Director Brian DePalma—whose new film, Redacted, opens this Friday—is not very happy about the way the movie has been treated in the months since he completed the project. The film tells the true story of an Iraqi girl who is raped and killed by American troops.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Mr. DePalma says, “I would expect it, because the film shows an aspect of our troops that has not been shown before. You’re going to get a very negative reaction from the right wing. I was more surprised that the film was accepted to every film festival. That’s never happened for one of my films."

Since Redacted premiered at the Venice Film Festival last August, its ending has been changed against the writer/director’s wishes. In the original’s final minutes, a series of pictures showing killed Iraqi soldiers fills the screen. Now, however, the faces have been blacked-out by the distributor, Magnolia Pictures.

Reacting to the alteration, Mr. DePalma apparently used the Internet as a weapon of argument, saying: "[The studio] writes the releases for the pictures we had in the movie. They were well aware we were using this montage. This montage is all over the internet. That’s where I got the idea. This was not a surprise to them. If they had told me we’d need releases for all the war photos I would have recreated all of them, like I did the film. At the 9th hour someone looked and said ‘oh my god’. The bottom line is they didn’t want to be associated with the pictures. This is not a surprise."

And responding to Bill O’Reilly’s on-air proclamation that Mr. DePalma is “a true villain in our country,” the filmmaker shot back: “This is people stirring the water and on to Lindsay Lohan or some other outrage.”

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