"Diamonds and Pearls" Might Have Been Fake

Yesterday, Marc Ambinder asked: who isn’t planting questions these days?

Today, he may have part of his answer. Over at his blog on the Atlantic site, Ambinder is writing that the student who asked Hillary Clinton the "diamonds and pearls" question at last night’s Nevada debate is angry at CNN, claiming they made her ask the fluffy question and using her MySpace page (naturally) to spill the beans.

Forget the irony, although there is some, in that Hillary might have been asked a planted question she didn’t plant, right after the Plantgate debacle.

Forget even that it was just a silly question, and CNN at the very least vets its questions before they go on live television. Enough has been said already about CNN’s performance last night.

Most striking to me is the idea that if a major news network would actually pull a "newsy" question from a student and replace it with this particular one, how can that network or any major news outlet claim that it’s Hillary pushing a gender storyline in this campaign?

"Diamonds and Pearls" Might Have Been Fake