'Discovery Times' Discovers True Crime

Today, Discovery network executives announced that they were entering the not exactly barren world of real crime dramas by rebranding the Discovery Times channel Investigation Discovery.

"To program the new channel, Discovery plans to draw on hundreds of hours of crime shows in its library, such as ‘The FBI Files’ and ‘Most Evil,’ the company said," the Washington Post reported today. "Discovery is also in talks with CBS to acquire episodes of "48 Hours," and NBC Universal, to acquire episodes of "Dateline NBC." Discovery plans to produce 200 hours of original programming next year, said John Ford, chief executive of the channel."

The channel initially launched as a starcrossed venture betwen Discovery and the New York Times to distribute wonky columnist-friendly faire to the masses. The Times eventually backed out of the deal last year, taking an $8 million hit, and citing the Internet as the wave of the future. 'Discovery Times' Discovers True Crime