Drudge Unleashed

The notoriously press-shy Matt Drudge granted an interview to Sky News in England. He said the media is sometimes untrustworthy.

"You really have to get to know where you’re getting your information," he said. "But this also applies to corporate broadcasts. We’ve had tremendous disasters on CNN and BBC and retractions and The New York Times made up stories. So who do you trust at any level? It just comes with what you’re familiar with. You really have, you know, to read a lot of varied sources, which is what I do. In the course of a day, I read 20 to 30 newspapers a day because you want to get different shades."

He said the internet should be the home to breaking stories if major news outlets don’t do it. "If we’re again faced with corporations that don’t want to report real news, the internet will play a very valuable role in the underground—catching real stories that are spiked."

When a Sky News interviewer asked if the internet gets a bad rap because it’s the home of reporting rumors, Drudge bristled. "But why is that exclusive to the web domain? We certainly see that in other medias [sic]. That’s a 1990s discussion. We’re now in a totally new era where information is information. You just really have to set your own threshold in what you believe and where you go for information, because again, because you’re getting it from an established source doesn’t mean it’s true." Drudge Unleashed