Ellen Barkin Responds to Ron Perelman's Suit

Actress Ellen Barkin responded to the lawsuit filed by ex-husband, Ronald Perelman, against her and her brother, calling it “a cynical abuse of the legal system.” Mr. Perelman, 63, filed the claims yesterday in a New York court. He argues that Ms. Barkin and her brother, George, used the money from a company she started with Mr. Perelman to launch a competing enterprise. He also has qualms with fitting the bill for Mr. Barkin’s alleged $250,000 salary. Ms. Barkin sued Mr. Perelman in August, arguing then that he failed to adequately fund their company, called Applehead I, something he allegedly promised to do.

A spokesman for Mr. Perelman issued a statement, the AP reports. In it, the Revlon billionaire says Ms. Barkin is merely trying “to further enrich herself.”

Responding, a spokesman for Applehead I called Mr. Perelman’s lawsuit “frivolous,” “without merit” and “yet another attempt to avoid honoring his written contract to contribute more than $3 million to Applehead Pictures….The fact is, Applehead only has money because others stepped in to contribute what Perelman wrongfully withheld," the statement says. "Perelman’s cynical abuse of the legal system is disappointing, but not surprising." Ellen Barkin Responds to Ron Perelman's Suit