Elsewhere: Bloomberg, Spitzer, Plummer

On the new blog of the New York Times editorial board, they write of Hillary Clinton and the Spitzer immigration

On the new blog of the New York Times editorial board, they write of Hillary Clinton and the Spitzer immigration initiative, "if a Democratic Senator from New York can’t make that argument clearly and forcefully, who can?"

Ben spots a story in which Hillary Clinton denies she’s being attacked because she’s a woman.

Marie Wilson thinks Hillary, whose campaign is clearly presenting her as a victim, isn’t playing the victim card.

John Edwards has a new ad about Hillary’s rhetoric.

Michael Bloomberg proposed a carbon tax.

That proposed carbon tax would allow a cut on individual taxes.

Nicholas Confessore says the fight over Eliot Spitzer’s driver’s license issue is really “hearts versus minds.”

Readers of the Hot Air blog have a lot to say about my item on Spitzer’s invite-only meeting today.

Brooklyn Papers reprints lyrics to the School House Rock song “I’m Just a Bill,” because the paper “felt that maybe [Yvette Clarke] needed a refresher course on how things work in Washington.”

Nick Perry has come up with a new acronym-driven name for congestion pricing: the Bloomberg Anti-Driving tax.

Ron Paul is looking for New York supporters.

The disgruntled Conservative Borough President on Staten Island is backing a Democrat against the incumbent Republican DA.

Newly liberated blogger John DeSio spots a Viola Plummer ad that refers to Christine Quinn as a “white supremacist.“ ’

Liz follows the money, and contract approval process, in Troopergate.

Rochester Turning wonders if upstate Rep. Jim Walsh will retire soon.

Recent Observer intern (and current editor-in-chief of the Yale Daily News) Andrew Mangino is about to launch a national news web site run by college students.

Greg Sargent’s complaints about Rudy Giuliani’s assertive health care inaccuracies are becoming a theme for major newspaper columnists. (Also: The Paul Krugman column that Sargent links to here appears to mock the editors at his own paper for being equivocal in calling Giuliani out.)

Mitt Romney and FOX mix it up.

Barack Obama has a new ad running in Iowa.

And above is Hillary Clinton, circa 1996, courtesy of her campaign’s Flicker page.

Elsewhere: Bloomberg, Spitzer, Plummer