Elsewhere: Clinton, Schumer, Bloomberg

Hillary Clinton is still leading the pack.

Steve Kornacki writes about Hillary’s New Hampshire dominance despite an undercurrent of grumbling about her lack of candor.

Chuck Schumer is apparently helping broker a deal for someone to buy Newsday.

The AP reports: “Asked about Spitzer’s plan, Schumer talked about certain aspects without saying whether he actually supports or opposes it.” (Good thing he’s not running for president.)

Bloomberg apologizes for that “hero” remark.

Kevin Sheekey inspires a filmmaker.

The film was produced by a site called BloombergWhiteHouse.org, which redirects people to this site.

About that Newsweek profile of Bloomberg, Steve Benen says, it was “a nice personality profile of a popular mayor — without adding any news insights whatsoever.”

Gatemouth challenges Noach Dear’s legal credentials.

Tom Wrobleski gets a robo call from Mike Long about the Staten Island DA’s race.

Eliot Spitzer’s driver’s licenses may impact local elections.

Spitzer had a closed-press event to discuss driver’s licenses.

The event was publicized here, though.

Dick Parsons, a possible mayoral candidate, is officially out at Time Warner.

In the comments section, headhunter says that Charles Barron can’t revive Barack Obama’s campaign.

Ben has campaign literature from John Edwards discussing Iraq.

Phil Anderson gets some Roger Stone-related spam.

PoliticsNJ has campaign footage from the ground.

Here’s another traffic mitigation plan.

And pictured above is Rudy Giuliani at a recent endorsement announcement with Norm Coleman and Kit Bond, from the campaign’s Flickr page.

Elsewhere: Clinton, Schumer, Bloomberg