Elsewhere: Clinton, Weiner, CouncilStat

John Edwards backs off his non-commitment to support the Democratic nominee.

A group called 9/11 Firefighters & Families is taking its critical message of Rudy Giuliani to New Hampshire.

Ben finds loopholes in Iowa that are working to the benefit of John Edwards.

In the comments section, proud democrat says of Spitzer, “It’s almost like he’s trying to turn friends and allies into enemies.”

PolitickerNJ has two new writers.

The City Council now has CouncilStat.

Larry Littlefield ties the subway woes to pension problems.

More operatives are taking the 527 route in 2008.

Phil Anderson writes that “for Spitzer to remain a viable vehicle of change, he absolutely must drop the drivers license plan.”

Streetsblog quotes Anthony Weiner saying, “There is a version of congestion pricing that will work.”

That Iowa waitress isn’t voting for Hillary Clinton.

And pictured above a memorable moment from the Jefferson Jackson Dinner in Iowa this weekend, courtesy of the Joe Biden campaign Flickr page. Elsewhere: Clinton, Weiner, CouncilStat