Elsewhere: Clintons, Tedisco, Mailer

Clinton gets another Iowa endorsement, a category in which she still leads.

She was also endorsed by the first lady of New Hampshire.

But according to one poll out today, she’s no longer leading any Republicans head-to-head.

The daughter of former N.J. Governor Christine Todd Whitman will likely make a congressional bid.

Despite rumors, Jim Tedisco is not running for congress.

The Daily News says it has data showing that there’s no need for a fare hike.

Neither Clinton nor Obama thinks the other is being clear about healthcare.

John Kaehny sees sustainability images in a Norman Mailer campaign poster.

Democratic state Senate candidate Jimmy Dahroug has a fund-raiser on Park Avenue tomorrow.

The Times takes a look at Alan Flacks, someone we (and others) have benefited from for some time.

In the comments section, Phil Anderson argues with Sid Davidoff’s argument about  lobbyist contribution limits.

And pictured above is the front page of the Berlin Reporter, whose headline reads, " Gorham Middle High hosts Clinton visit: Former leader of the free world stumps for wife, Sen. Hillary Clinton." Elsewhere: Clintons, Tedisco, Mailer