Elsewhere: Gillibrand, Smith, Giuliani

Democratic Representative Kirsten Gillibrand asks supporters to match in donations the amount that opponent Sandy Treadwell is giving himself.

Liz reports that Assemblyman Keith Wright is sort of pleased, for once, with Eliot Spitzer, if only because the governor is repentant.

The Intelligencer asks Eliot Spitzer how he feels about being a sex symbol, then they ask his wife.

Senate Minority Leader Malcom Smith’s theme of the week is “Get It Done.”

Andrew Malcom thinks it’s not a great idea for Obama and Clinton to throw financial accusations at each other, because they both have things to hide.

Marc Ambinder says Obama is throwing false accusations at Clinton’s healthcare record.

Mark Green writes an open letter to Anderson Cooper about what to expect from Giuliani at tonight’s debate.

The Empire State Pride Agenda has released "The Giuliani Files," a thorough review of the former mayor’s record on gay issues.

Two Department of Transportation officials, one high-ranking, are charged with demanding bribes from a contractor. [added]

And pictured above is Michael Bloomberg who, along with Coca-Cola representatives, introduced five hybrid delivery trucks to the city today. Elsewhere: Gillibrand, Smith, Giuliani