Elsewhere: Giuliani, Spitzer, Squadron [updated]

The man who took hostages in Hillary Clinton’s New Hampshire campaign office is identified by law enforcement officials as Leeland Eisenberg [added].

Christine Quinn gets a victory in delaying implementation of the Personal People Meter to measure radio audiences [added].

Jason Easley tries explaining why Barack Obama and Michael Bloomberg met for breakfast.

Ben wonders where Jesse Jackson is.

The Associated Press says the story of Rudy Giuliani’s bizarre travel expense reporting goes to the heart of his credibility, which conservatives didn’t have much faith in to begin with.

Mitt Romney doesn’t attack Giuliani.

Tom Wrobleski has video of vintage Giuliani.

Jon Corzine says he’d rather be governor than take a cabinet position in a Democratic White House administration.

In the comments section, Hmmm thinks the New Yorker profile gives more reasons for Spitzer to appoint Andrew Cuomo to the senate to fill Hillary Clinton’s term if she’s elected president.

Also in the comments section, more thoughts on the debate about whether to have a debate in Harlem.

Does upstate freshman congressman Mike Arcuri have a G.O.P. challenger?

Queens congressman Gary Ackerman jousts with Bill O’Reilly.

Dan Squadron gets ready to kick off his race for state Senate with the help of the Chuck Schumer alumni association.

Jennifer Lee covers the passionate debate over feeding pigeons.

The lawsuit to block Eliot Spitzer from giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants is dropped.

Tish James and other advocates won a fight to preserve a Brooklyn house used in the Underground Rail Road.

And above is my footage of Barack Obama from the Apollo last night contrasting himself with some unnamed opponent whose name is Hillary Clinton: “I’m not running to fulfill some long-held plans. I’m not running because I think this is somehow owed to me.”

Elsewhere: Giuliani, Spitzer, Squadron [updated]