Elsewhere: Kerik, Spitzer, Nagourney

Hillary Clinton wants the president to tap into the nation’s oil reserves.

Glenn Thrush follows the story of whether or not Hillary left a tip for a waitress in an Iowa restaurant. (She did.)

National Review doesn’t think Bernie Kerik’s problems will hurt Rudy Giuliani.

But the Associated Press says it "could cause a major headache."

My colleague John Koblin reports that Adam Nagourney called Pat Robertson’s endorsement of Rudy Giuliani “freaky,” “weird“ and “a stunt.”

Ben has the speaking order for a major Democratic dinner next week.

Here’s more on Spitzer’s response to the sub-prime mortgage problem.

In the comments section, Robert Giuffre says of Spitzer, “I’d rather see him try and fail than conform and give up.”

Efrain Gonzalez’s trial is postponed.

Greg Sargent sees inconsistency in Rudy Giuliani refusing money from a Saudi Prince who blamed America for 9/11, but taking the endorsement of Pat Robertson, who blamed Americans for 9/11.

Upstate Republican congressman Jim Walsh’s new opposition to the Iraq War may cost him support from the Conservative Party, on whose line he garned crucial votes in his narrow 2006 re-election.

Phil Anderson spots a budding Draft Ron Canestrari movement.

Here’s a new web site hosting government documents obtained by FOIL requests.

Liz sees a general election message in Andrew Eristoff’s fund-raising letter for Rudy Giuliani.

Yoda has a question for Michael Bloomberg supporters about his denials of running for higher office.

And pictured above is Council member and marathon runner Joel Rivera, courtesy of John Desio. Elsewhere: Kerik, Spitzer, Nagourney