Elsewhere: Spitzer, Spitzer, Spitzer

On the day Eliot Spitzer drops his plan to give driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, Hillary Clinton comes out against it.

Spitzer says he ditched the driver’s license plan because of public opposition, not New York politicians.

Although many, including state Senate Minority Leader Jim Tedisco, are speculating that Spitzer wanted to let Hillary off the hook.

And Chuck Schumer says it was “the right decision."

According to Liz, Spitzer is sticking to his promise to bring the Real ID Act to New York, which isn’t popular with congress members here.

Meanwhile, in the comments section, headhunter points out that state Senator Samson seems to be saying that only a “cataclysmic event” will reverse Spitzer’s freefall.

Giuliani and Clinton are tied in a theoretical election in Ohio, says a new poll.

But back in Iowa, Giuliani is in third place, according to a different poll.

And with 50 days until the first caucus, Ben Smith confronts the idea of the “Iowa Expert." Elsewhere: Spitzer, Spitzer, Spitzer