Elsewhere: Stewart, Spitzer, Hackshaw

Jason Horowitz relays a joke from Jon Stewart, who says running with a name like Barack Obama is like running as a World War II-era Republican with the name “Gaydolf Shitler.”

Ed Koch tells Mike Gormley that Eliot Spitzer “has not yet redeemed himself, but is on the path, hopefully.”

CNN’s Bill Schneider thinks Eliot Spitzer is a bigger turkey than Larry Craig, notes Liz.

Andrew Sullivan said picking between Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Clinton is like “the choice, baldly put, between fear and loathing.”

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have supporters in France, notes Karol.

The Washington Times examines Hillary Clinton’s control of the media.

Two cops in Suffolk were cleared of charges they stole signs during a local race on Long Island because “there were no witness who say any wrongdoing,” reports Spin Cycle.

On the 10 Questions forum, Mike Huckabee responds to a question about legalizing marijuana and says, “If you feel so strongly, get the laws changed.”

Barack Obama will win Iowa, says Rock Hackshaw.

And pictured above is Mitt Romney exuding confidence, and a rainbow, courtesy of his campaign’s Flickr page. Elsewhere: Stewart, Spitzer, Hackshaw