Elsewhere: Treadwell, Mills, Atlantic Yards

Four Democrats will not be on the Michigan primary ballot.

Upstate Republican congressional challenger Sandy Treadwell already has a campaign ad.

An Assemblyman is going to confront Spitzer about the Thruway tomorrow.

Since Andrew Saul dropped out, Republicans are pushing failed Schumer challenger Howard Mills to run against freshman Congressman John Hall.

Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani are still at it.

A former member of the City Planning Commission has been fined $4,000 for voting for the Atlantic Yards project, from which she would have benefited financially.

The Empire State Development Corporation named a public ombudsman for the same project.

The M.T.A. may build an underground reservoir in Queens to deal with subway flooding.

Clinton says she would ask Colin Powell for foreign policy advice if she becomes president.

Bill Clinton says Hillary would bring us "back to the future."

A second person says he heard Mitt Romney say he would not put a Muslim in his cabinet as president.

And in case you thought there were more than two candidates in the presidential race, pictured above is a piece of direct mail from the Giuliani campaign. (via Spin Cycle) Elsewhere: Treadwell, Mills, Atlantic Yards