Fernanda Eberstadt's Park Avenue

Novelist Fernanda Eberstadt has written into Max Abelson of our blog, The Real Estate, with some of her early memories of life on Park Avenue:

The most famous party my parents gave was in 1962. It was a costume party. They moved out all the furniture and brought in a reggae band, and Jacqueline Kennedy, who was then First Lady, came to the party, with a lot of Secret Service men, and everybody danced till dawn, when they were served bacon and eggs.


As for the outside street, Park Avenue itself always seemed too mineral, too grey, too mausoleum-like. As a kid, it seemed to me you had to go a long way to get anywhere fun. When I was a teenager, I was embarrassed about living on such a notoriously expensive street and used to tell friends who didn’t know the East Side well that I lived “between Lexington and Madison.”

Nowadays, Park Avenue seems even richer, but still dull. A lot duller since my mother died, and my father moved away.

Read her whole, beautiful missive here.



Fernanda Eberstadt's Park Avenue