Gilmore prepares for private life, but won’t rule out challenge to Smith

Hamilton Mayor Glen Gilmore today said he was disappointed but not shockedby the results ofan election he lost earlier this month by 51 to 49%, and wouldn't speculate on the details of a comeback.

Asked about rumors that he would challenge Rep. Christopher Smith in 2008, Gilmore left the door open.

"I am proud of what I was able to accomplish and I am glad I had the opportunity to serve," said Gilmore. "I look forward to returning to private life for the immediate future. I haven't decided what I'll do, but I don't rule out the possibilty of someday running for public office."

Gilmore said he had given every ounce of his energy to the office of mayor and felt at peace with his two terms as Hamilton's chief executive.

"In the areas of public safety, the environment, or even fiscal responsibility, I'm proud to be able to point to a record of achievement," said the mayor, an attorneywho was defeated by businessman John Bencivengo after the Republican alerted the public to a $5 million budget shortfall on the day of election. Gilmore said the town had experienced a major sewer line collapse that required his immediate response and a $4 million emergency expenditure.

"The nitty gritty was lost in a sensationlist headline on the day of the election," said Gilmore. "But I don't second-guess the outcome. I wish my successorall the best." Gilmore prepares for private life, but won’t rule out challenge to Smith