Greg Meeks on Rudy Giuliani’s “True Character”

Another dire prediction from one of Rudy Giuliani’s old adversaries in New York…

Here’s what Representative Gregory Meeks had to say to me about last week’s indictment of Bernard Kerik and its impact on Giuliani’s presidential bid.

“The Kerik stuff just shows some of the decision making process that this guy had as mayor and how haphazard he was and how haphazard he ran the city,” he said. “The true character of Giuliani will soon come out – you can’t hide who you truly are.”

Meeks said Giuliani “has been a bully all of his life. The Kerik situation is just another little peep into who the man really is.”

(Giuliani spokeswoman Maria Comella responded in an email: “Umm..Gregory Meeks? Really?”)

Greg Meeks on Rudy Giuliani’s “True Character”