Hillary’s New York Delegates, Part One

The jostling for New York’s official Democratic convention delegate spots has been quietly playing out in political circles here for some time. And since a Hillary Clinton win in New York is kind of a foregone conclusion, it’s really a contest to be named by her campaign.

Officially, delegates have to run and win the spot in party elections, so anyone can still grab a slot. But the campaign has its own list, which is pretty determinative.

Here’s a list of a few of those delegates, this one coming from the 14th congressional district, based on information from two Democratic sources:

Former mayor David Dinkins

Assemblyman Mike Gianaris of Queens

Assemblyman Jonathan Bing of Manhattan

State Senator Liz Krueger of Manhattan

Anne Marie Anzlone, chief of staff to Representative Joe Crowley

Ida Tores, an official with AFL-CIO Local 3.

Representative Carolyn Maloney is a “super-delegate” and will automatically have a spot at the convention.

If anyone can help me with a more complete list I’m trying to put together, I’d appreciate it.

Hillary’s New York Delegates, Part One