Details Now Eats Hot Wings, Digs Football

Just when we weren’t looking, Details got all straight-acting on us. Surely editor-in-chief Dan Peres hasn’t exhausted Hollywood’s bottomless supply of fresh-faced actors. Or maybe he has.

On the cover of the book’s latest issue, which touts a “Power and Influence” theme, Britney Spears’ ex, Kevin Federline, isn’t photographed count-the-pores close or even slightly naked (perhaps in spite of the fact that he was shot by Steven Klein.) In fact, with K-Fed’s crossed, tattooed forearms and his what-up-dude glance, he looks nothing at all like his twinkishly-styled predecessors. (AshtonRhys MeyersBeckhamRadcliffeAnyone?) What’s more, the cagey lad-mag has gone and ranked him No. 7 on their list of 50 “power players.” Huh. The 29-year-old father of Ms. Spears’ two sons, Sean and Jayden, doesn’t give any good goss about the pop singer he once loved, but he doesn’t exactly leave readers crying ‘Gimme more,’ either. Mr. Federline does admit, however, that he can’t decide which animated character he likes more—SpongeBob SquarePants or Nemo (as in the fish one looks for).

Talking to US, Mr. Peres says, “Here is the person who people think of as this universal joke, who has oddly emerged as father of the year…The kids would go running to him and were very warm and very well behaved.” Details Now Eats Hot Wings, Digs Football