Equus (and Radcliffe!) Arrive on Broadway in 2008

Daniel Radcliffe is gonna get naked in New York! The successful London revivial of Equus is coming to Broadway, along with Mr. Radcliffe. He plays the disturbed adolescent Alan Strang, an English stable boy who blinded six horses with a spike. Richard Griffiths, the Tony-award winning stage actor who played his bumbling, meanie uncle in the Harry Potter movies, takes on the role of psychiatrist Martin Dysart, who attempts to discover the source of Strang’s psychosis.

According to the Daily Mail, the revival of Peter Shaffer’s play will open at a Shubert theater in September 2008:

[I]t took months of negotiations to secure a deal with the theatre-owning Shubert Organisation and for the producers David Pugh and Dafydd Rogers to sort out all the paperwork for the play’s two leading men to perform in New York.

Director Thea Sharrock will begin rehearsals next August.

"We’re delighted that New York is now going to witness Richard and Daniel’s extraordinary performances," Mr Pugh told me.

Both have special status with the American actors union Equity because of their international reputations, Griffiths through stage work including the Tony award he won for The History Boys and Daniel due to his performances as JK Rowling’s adolescent hero Harry Potter.

Although there will be a rush to buy tickets to see Daniel and Griffiths act, there will be those who will just want to see him with his kit off.

Equus (and Radcliffe!) Arrive on Broadway in 2008