Heroes Producer Pens Kings for NBC

NBC has greenlit production on Kings, a modern retelling of the King David story penned by Michael Green, a producer and writer for Heroes, and former producer of Everwood and Smallville.

Variety reports:

People familiar with the script said “Kings” could work well as a companion to “Heroes.”

Green and Lawrence will serve as exec producers, as will 3 Arts Entertainment’s Erwin Stoff.

“Kings” will be set in a modern metropolis that’s a sort of meta-New York City (think Gotham City but not as dark). City will be the center of a kingdom financed by a wealthy entrepreneur who’s benefited from the constant state of war in the kingdom.

First-season plot will have a young solider catapulting to fame via a heroic act that pits him as a David vs. a much stronger Goliath. He’ll ultimately end up running the kingdom.

Heroes Producer Pens Kings for NBC