Journal Aims to Bulk Up Campaign Coverage

The Wall Street Journal‘s Washington bureau is set to expand its political coverage.

"Over the next many months, a major chunk of the Journal’s coverage agenda will be dominated by an event certain to rock not just the U.S. but the world: the American voter’s choice of new leaders for the nation," DC Bureau Chief John Bussey wrote in a staff e-mail.

Michael Calderone, who has the scoop for The Politico, continues:

Bussey also wrote in the e-mail that the bureau was looking for "reporters interested in how power is wielded," as well as editors and news assistants. Some positions are now open, he wrote, with others "available when the new budget year starts Jan. 1."

Of course, the paper just lost star political writer John Harwood to The New York Times. And it’s unclear exactly what Mr. Bussey’s memo means. Is The Journal about to go on a recruiting mission? If so, will they try to poach any heavyweights? Stay tuned.

Journal Aims to Bulk Up Campaign Coverage