In Lieu of Gifts, Please Send Kate Moss Flowers

Kate Moss will grace the cover of V magazine in the coming months, Fashionista reports today. But the people over at V, it seems, don’t really want anything to do with paying for the expensive set. Instead, hired fashion photog Nick Knight has begun soliciting donations on his company’s Web site,, to pay for the flowers that he plans to use for the shoot.

The shutterbug’s high-style mea culpa tells prospective donors that they, too, have a “unique opportunity to be part of the shoot by sending a personal floral greeting to Kate.” Really? It mustn’t be so! Wait, there’s more: “Simple sprays of freesias are very welcome, and hand-ties of peonies even better, but our advice is to get creative to ensure your contribution stands out and makes it into the final selection!”

Apparently Mr. Knight plans to take pictures of the fragrant offerings before he snaps Ms. Moss. Then, Mr. Knight’s Web site says, he will produce a three-dimensional “photo sculpture around which the supermodel will be posed.”

Donations will not be accepted after December 5, so hurry up and help Ms. Moss be photographed on top of a really neat three-dimensional flower picture! In Lieu of Gifts, Please Send Kate Moss Flowers