In The Observer: Clinton, Regan, West Side Yards

Jason Horowitz reports on Hillary Clinton’s more offensive posture against other Democratic contenders. Meanwhile, her opponents complain about her ruthless "Rove" tactics.

Judith Regan is convinced jealousy drove a conspiracy to get her out of NewsCorp, write Leon Neyfakh and Doree Shafir.

In a study of political donations by building, Max Abelson and Julia Heming show there’s only one true conservative co-op left in New York. Hillary Clinton is coming out on top in most other places.

Brookfield Properties seems likely as the developer the M.T.A. will pick for the West Side Yards (and fill their $1 billion budget gap), writes Matthew Schuerman.

An investigator CBS hired to look into the Rathergate documents never told what he found and now Dan Rather wants him to spill the beans, says Felix Gillette.

And Spencer Morgan discovers that Charles Grodin considers himself to be on the chicken wing of the political spectrum. In The Observer: Clinton, Regan, West Side Yards