In the Observer: Clinton, Spitzer, Imus

Jason Horowitz writes about the jockeying to replace Hillary Clinton if she wins next year, and how Eliot Spitzer is likely to face pressure to appoint someone who is black, Latino, a woman or an upstate resident (or some combination thereof) to fill her seat.

Charlie King said, “Why not appoint Lt. Governor Paterson or Congressman Meeks, for example. Why wouldn’t you do that?” State Senator Jose Serrano said, “From a political point of view, we have sort of been waiting in the wings.” And Carolyn Maloney added, “I for one would like to see him appoint a woman.”

Jennifer Rubin writes about how Hillary Clinton is a dominant player in the G.O.P. presidential primary.

Mr. Giuliani’s success in maintaining his front-runner status this fall has been in no small part due to his ability to seize on and magnify Mrs. Clinton’s missteps and turn them into media events.

I’ve got a bit more on Doug Schoen’s comments about a hypothetical Michael Bloomberg bid for president.

Joe Conason writes about the Pentagon’s preemptive strike against Dick Cheney.

Steve Kornacki writes about the Congressional battleground state of… New Jersey?

Matt Schuerman explains a power struggle in Coney Island.

Don Imus returns to the airwaves and has James Carville as one of his first guests.

And John Koblin writes about a tough start for Page Six, the glossy. In the Observer: Clinton, Spitzer, Imus