In the Observer: Obama, Javits, Knicks Hell

Jason Horowitz follows Barack Obama as he, surprisingly, makes experience an issue.

I have a piece looking at how term-limited City Council members have quietly abandoned their hopes of changing the law, and all seem to be running for some other office.

The much-discussed expansion of the Javits Convention Center may be scaled back “without creating any more exhibit space,” reports Matt Schuerman.

Steve Kornacki explains the subtle difference between Ronald Reagan’s evolution and Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney’s more abrupt philosohpical shifts.

Joe Conason isn’t impressed with what George Bush is doing with leaders from the Middle East in Annapolis right now.
Leon Neyfakh profiles the most popular publicist in New York.

Felix Gillette speaks with a former CNN anchor now working for Roger Ailes, over at that other network.

And John Koblin chronicles the unhappy experiences of reporters covering the New York Knicks. “I’ll admit,” said Howard Beck, the New York Times’ Knicks reporter, “that the beat makes me miserable.” In the Observer: Obama, Javits, Knicks Hell