Jessica Seinfeld Responds to Plagiarism Claims on 'View'

Jessica Seinfeld, the gastronomically inclined wife of comedian Jerry Seinfeld, went on The View today to promote her cookbook, Deceptively Delicious—a collection of healthful recipies designed to appeal to tots. She also took the on-air opportunity to respond to all the recent criticism surrounding the book. (Soon after Ms. Seinfeld’s book was published, some people pointed to the striking similarities between her creations and those in The Sneaky Chef, a cookbook by Missy Chase Lapine.)

As paraphrased by The Huffington Post, Ms. Seinfeld told the midday talk-show co-hosts: “Missy is jealous because her book didn’t debut at the top of best-seller lists and get her on Oprah. And why would Jessica steal recipes, because she doesn’t need the money, anyway.” Watch the video here. Jessica Seinfeld Responds to Plagiarism Claims on 'View'