The funny (really) side of teen pregnancy

If the meek shall inherit the earth, then actor Michael Cera is getting started with Hollywood. First there was Arrested Development. Then this summer’s Superbad. And now, with Juno (in select theaters 12/5), Cera has definitively proved himself to be the unlikely teen heartthrob of our time — the ultimate go-to geek who gets some.

Directed by Jason Reitman (Thank You for Smoking), Juno carves out a place for itself somewhere between the oddball sensibilities of Napoleon Dynamite and the emotional intelligence of Rushmore. It’s the story of an unconventional 16-year-old (Ellen Page) and her unplanned pregnancy — a sort of underage Knocked Up, only more realistic and, as weird as it may sound for a teen movie, “adult.”

Cera is both hilarious and touching as the unlikely father — a nerd in love — but the real draw of the film is his former Arrested Development co-star Jason Bateman. Once a Teen Beat staple himself, Bateman is mesmerizing as a conflicted adoptive parent who is equal parts charming, sympathetic, and creepy. Michael Cera should take notes — this is the post-teen career to emulate.

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