Lance says he’ll consider running for Congress

Senate Minority Leader Leonard Lance says he’ll think about running for Congress next year.

“I’m interested in exploring the possibility,” Lance told
“I think it’s much too early to speculate about that now.”

Lance said he was “very surprised” to learn of Mike Ferguson’s decision to leave Congress after eight years.

“I believe that Mike has served the district well and I take him at his word that this is because of his young family,” said Lance. "I’ve supported Congressman Ferguson’s efforts in the past and today is the day to congratulate the Congressman on his service"

"I think he’s done tremendous constituent service work. I’ve seen that time and time again," Lance said. "His office has been enormously repsonsive to constituent concerns when we referred people to his office.”

Lance says that while his key interest is state issues, “I’m also deeply opinionated on national issues.”

“We have significant problems regarding fiscal responsibility nationally and here in New Jersey,” said Lance. “There is the critical issue of Iraq and I favor the major recommendations of the Baker-Hamilton Commission: a gradual, not precipitous withdrawal with the recognition that this is the Iraqi’s nation.”

The 55-year-old Hunterdon County Republican recently stepped down as the Senate Republican leader rather than face Tom Kean, Jr. in a contest for his leadership post. He has served in the State Senate since 2002, and spent a decade in the Assembly before that.

In the last GOP primary, Hunterdon County cast the largest number of votes for Ferguson, who ran unopposed. Lance says he’ll consider running for Congress