Larry Levy on Cuomo 2010, Unseating Spitzer

Here’s what Larry Levy, the Newsday columnist and executive director of the National Center for Suburban Studies at Hofstra, has to say about the idea of Andrew Cuomo running for governor in 2010. (The New York Post floated the idea in a package on Eliot Spitzer’s tanking poll numbers.)

“People around Andrew want to see him get a little more aggressive. I’m talking much lower level people, people who were around Mario for a long time and are still around.”

But, he said, precedent suggests that it would be tough. “Pataki used to fall to the thirties in approvals, after he’d get the hell beat out of him for going Medicaid or school aid, or whatever it is he would try to do. And as a Republican in a Democratic state, he would bounce back enough to win re-election easily. So, Spitzer is a Democrat in a Democratic state. It’s very hard to unseat an incumbent governor, even if your name is Andrew Cuomo.” Larry Levy on Cuomo 2010, Unseating Spitzer