Linda Stender’s statement on Mike Ferguson’s retirement

Democratic Assemblywoman Linda Stender, a candidate for Congress in the seventh district next year, issued the following statement on Monday in response to Congressman Ferguson's announcement that he won't seek re-election in 2008:

"I respect Congressman Ferguson's decision not to seek re-election and, as the mother of three children, I understand the difficultyof juggling the demands of public service and family. Butone of my strongest motivations for running for Congressis the well being of all families and the future of all children.

"The changeof Republican candidates is not enough of a change for the voters. They want a change in the direction of the country and no Republicanwho replaces Mr Fergusonwillbring the change that is needed.

"The voters already sent a strong message rejecting the failed policies of the Bush Administration and all the Republicans who sided with him.The disastrous record of Bush and the Republican Partyhas become even more pronounced since the 2006 elections. Thevoters are more than anxiousto follow through in 2008 and I am more than prepared to keep up the fighton their behalf.

"I never slowed down after coming with a percentage point of winning last year and Mr Ferguson's departure makes me even more determined. The stakes are too important and the need for change in Washington is too great."

Linda Stender’s statement on Mike Ferguson’s retirement