Lobbyists Scramble to Prevent Restrictions

As local politicians scramble for contributions from lobbyists ahead of new campaign finance restrictions, said lobbyists continue to sound the alarm about the new rules.

Sid Davidoff, a lobbyist who is suing to block the new law, which will cap lobbyist campaign contributions to city candidates at $400, told me the lawsuit is “specifically aimed at the council who, in its wisdom, decided to take away the constitutional rights of ordinary New Yorkers.”

Davidoff added, “A lot of people understand what was done here, but there still are a lot of people who don’t.” He added later, “It’s so wide-ranging that I don’t think there is any comprehension of what it really does.”

Richard Lipsky, a lobbyist with a diverse clientele, has mixed feelings about the bill. “I’m not as bummed out about it as other folks. It’s an evening of the playing field for me, but I’m not excited about it.” He added, “What’s most clear is that anyone with business with the city is severely limited.” Lobbyists Scramble to Prevent Restrictions