Mary Kate Olsen, Great Wall: Visible From Space

Without “strictly a friend” Lance Armstrong to keep her in the headlines, Mary-Kate Olsen has been under the media radar in recent weeks. Until she ripped a page out of Elizabeth Taylor’s book, donning an estimated $273,945 worth of jewels at the 7th on Sale Gala last night at the 69th Regiment Armory on Lexington Avenue. A blogger over at I’m Not Obsessed! may have left estimating the value of Jessica Seinfeld’s pump-tacular gift to Oprah Winfrey up to someone else, but that was small potatoes compared with Ms. Olsen’s sparkly sum. How the young star wasn’t flattened under the weight of her jewels is yet unclear, but their cost apparently isn’t.

Herewith, the bauble breakdown:

  • Rose gold white diamond bangle $33,000
  • Rose gold white diamond bangle $27,300
  • Yellow gold yellow pave diamond bangle $43,500
  • White gold white diamond bangle $25,800
  • White gold diamond bangle $33,000
  • Baguette diamond cocktail ring $21,000
  • Mens tri-color diamond link bracelet $39,600
  • Mens rose gold diamond bracelet $50,745

Now that’s some real show-and-tell! Mary Kate Olsen, Great Wall: Visible From Space