Moby Pretends He's Just Some Guy Who Wants You To See His Little Rock Show

Moby—the melody macher responsible for that seratonin-laced stuff you couldn’t escape a few years ago but is now relegated to Ian Schrager’s iPod—not only arranges naughty subterranean parties, he also writes his own e-mails. And, as it happens, he has a very interesting method of doing so, alternating line breaks and font sizes with reckless abandon. Oh, the rebellion! In his message, which was sent out to a few lucky guys and gals today, the Mobe-ster uses phrases like “nous non plus” and “liquor soaked.” He also reveals his apparent hatred for guest lists and his love for plastic cups filled with cheap beer.

Read on:

on thursday, november 29th my fun and liquor soaked rock band, the little death nyc(
"Like the original Ike & Tina Turner Revue, minus the beatings. I love them." -John Waters on The Little Death NYC ) , will
be playing at mercury lounge with our friends nous non plus(who are also really fun, although
i don’t know if they’re liquor soaked, although i’m guessing that they probably are).
there are no pre-sale tickets(and there’s no guest list…none whatsoever…sorry), but if
you email laura(cc’ed here)she can reserve tickets for you at the door.
nous non plus go on at 9pm and we go on at 10pm.
see you then, hopefully.
and, per usual, after the show we’ll be going somewhere to drink cheap beer in plastic cups.
Moby Pretends He's Just Some Guy Who Wants You To See His Little Rock Show