More on Hillary and the Media

The Washington Times takes a look at the Hillary campaign’s strategy for dealing with the media, and ends up reinforcing the conventional wisdom that the Democratic frontrunner seeks to tightly control her message and keep the press at arm’s length. We know — shocker.

Surprisingly, the story doesn’t mention the episode that’s become the locus classicus of the Hillary-vs-the-media storyline: when, as The Politico first reported, her camp got GQ to spike an unflattering story about the inner workings of the campaign.

The paper says it requested a list of press availabilities from Hillary’s campaign, but never received one.

UPDATE:  As we should have mentioned, The Observer planted its flag on this same turf almost ten months ago.  The spate of recent stories echoing the point kind of makes us wonder: Hasn’t anything changed since then? More on Hillary and the Media