More on Imus

Some more comments on Don Imus’ return to radio that didn’t make it into the print story...

Bob Kerrey, New School president and former U.S. senator, told The Observer he’d go back on the show. "Look he apologized and he paid the price. Did Isiah Thomas apologize yet?"

Democratic political consultant Paul Begala said he’d go back too. "I shoot my mouth off all the time. If there was a death penalty for that I would have lost my job a long time ago … I am Catholic, we forgive the sin when asked to."

Brill’s Content founder Steve Brill agreed. "If you think about Imus’ show and Imus’ appeal for the last four or five years, I think it had almost nothing to do with making comments like that racist comment. I think he can be every bit as provocative without getting into that kind of trouble. For example, he habitually calls Senator Clinton ‘satan’. He can do that. It’s fair game. It’s funny." More on Imus