Morin won’t seek Ferguson seat

Union County Republican Chairman Philip Morinsays he won’t seek the House seat being vacated by Rep. Mike Ferguson.

"I don't see myself as a candidate for Congress in 2008," said Morin, a former Cranford mayor who is a strong backer ofGOP U.S. Senate candidate Anne Evans Estabrook.

Morin said he was sorry to see Ferguson go, but strongly believes Republicans can field a solid candidate to replace him.

"I still see this as a strong Republican district," said Morin. "I think 2006 (when Ferguson nearly lost to Assemblywoman Linda Stender) was an aberration, and a message-sending vote more than anything."

The GOP chairman of Union – home to the largest concentration of votes out of the portions of four counties that make up the 7th district – says he believes union has a strong bullpen.

"The first question is, is Tom Kean interested," he said, referring to the state Senator whom the GOP just selected to serve as the Senate minority leader. "After that we have two experienced legislators in Jon Bramnick and Eric Munoz.

"The thing about the legislative team," Morin added, "is they have the ability to raise resources. Kean, of course. And then Bramnick – he has a formidable fundraising network."

Morin also said there are several strong mayors in Union County who may be interested.

In the wake of Ferguson's announcement today, "It's important for party leadership to see who the real viable candidates are and to discuss a fair process," Morin said. Morin won’t seek Ferguson seat