NFL Network Remains On Bench

On Thanksgiving, the NFL Network will be showing the Indianapolis Colts vs. Atlanta Falcons game. 

Problem is: most football fans won’t be able to watch the game at home.  

Yesterday, during a conference call with reporters NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell acknowledged that the NFL Network remains at odds with several of the country’s major cable distributors–including Comcast.

A compromise appears far, far off.

To wit: according to the Associated Press, Comcast has recently hit up the NFL Network with a cease and disist letter asking the channel to stop encouraging  fans to dump Comcast.

"Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has urged customers of cable providers who don’t carry the network on a basic tier to switch to satellite or other cable services that do," reported the AP. "There’s a similar message on a Web site run by the channel."

   NFL Network Remains On Bench