Nicole Kidman Testifies Against Paparazzo Down Under

Today brings a new development in the ongoing war between terrified celebrities and the world’s growing army of paparazzi. Nicole Kidman testified in a New South Wales state Supreme Courtroom this morning in a defamation suit brought against a celebrity photographer, Jamie Fawcett, in her native country. In the actress’ statement to the court, she detailed how two years ago she was chased by the aggressive paparazzo. Fearing a car accident during the ordeal, Ms. Kidman claimed, she was “reduced to tears.”

From the Associated Press story:

She said the trip quickly turned into a hair-raising chase as a vehicle carrying Fawcett and another vehicle, believed to contain his assistant, lurched through traffic around Kidman’s car.

"I was frightened and I was worried there was going to be an accident," Kidman said.

Kidman said she was "really, really scared" during the car ride and that she was "in tears and distressed" by the time she reached her parents’ house.

The Sydney photographer has been suing The Sun-Herald over "an article that said he was Sydney’s most disliked freelance photographer and was determined to ‘wreak havoc’ on Kidman’s private life," and a jury has already agreed. The present deliberation is over whether the newspaper owes him money, and how much. Nicole Kidman Testifies Against Paparazzo Down Under