No Disclosure

Quoting a source with an ax to grind or someone with future political ambitions often calls into question the credibility of the source.

So does quoting a legal expert on a partisan election issue without disclosing the fact that your source also moonlights as a ranking state party official.

That’s what the Star Ledger’s Al Frank did when he reported on last week’s state Supreme Court ruling concerning the Republican's challenge to Democrat Michael Luther’s claim to the Parsippany Mayoral seat. You remember – that’s the election where the ballots were cast over two years ago butthe final tallies are still in dispute.

In this case, the facts of the story are not the issue.

It’s the fact that Frank’s expert electionlaw source, Richard Perr, a professor at Rutgers Law School in Camden, is also the head of the Burlington County Democratic Party. But few readers would know– sincethe story didn't disclose thatlittledetail. No Disclosure