NY Dems Prepare for an East Coast/West Coast Thing at the Convention

Boy, are the New York Democrats looking forward to the convention.

Here’s an email from Jonathan Rosen about hotel assignments for the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver:

Dear Usual Suspects,

Remember that moment when you found out your dorm assignment and the name of your roommate. Me too. Brett Hall. Dan Ross.

This is sort of like that except it involves knowing which lobby bar in Denver you will be inhabiting in late August, 2008.

Today the Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC) made hotel assignments. Regardless of who gets nominated, we’ve got room keys.

The NY delegation will be staying at the Adams Mark Hotel at 1550 Court Pl in Downtown Denver. In a rekindling of other epic East Coast / West Coast rivalries (think Tupac / Biggie, June O’Neill / Robert Dornan) the California delegation will also be staying there.
The bad news: the DNCC controls press hotel assignments and will be reserving press hotel rooms in several hotels.  This means we cannot guarantee you an adjoining wall with Dave Pollack at this time.  
To reserve housing at the convention there is an online portal for media here: http://www.ambassadorsevents.com/dncc/media/.  Please note the deadline for “early decision housing” is December 13th.  
To get credentials and for all other logistics info: http://www.demconvention.com/a/2007/09/press_logistics.html.   Credential and workspace applications can be made as of December 10th.
The DNCC and the NYS Democratic Party would like you to also know:
Delegations were assigned today to 27 hotels in one of three clusters – Downtown, Stapleton and the Denver Tech Center – all within 20 minutes of the Pepsi Center. In contrast to previous Conventions, a majority of delegates and participants will have the option of walking from hotels downtown or taking public transportation to the Convention. Every hotel contracted by the DNCC will provide convenient access to the Pepsi Center during Convention hours via the DNCC’s transportation system.
In a Convention first, the DNCC is running the housing selection, assignment and booking process entirely online. The move, designed to make good on the DNCC’s commitment to make this the “greenest” political convention on record, will save more than 50,000 sheets of paper in delegate mailings. Delegation hotel assignments were made available today on the Convention’s housing website.
After a series of hotel site visits this summer, state delegations submitted their hotel requests in September. Their preferences, in addition to room block requests, function and caucus space needs, the number of suites requested and possible ADA needs, were used to develop the hotel assignments.
Once delegation notifications were posted, the DNCC housing staff set out to deliver news in person to each of the 27 local hotels selected to host state and territorial delegations in August. An envelope with the name or names of the delegations to be housed in each hotel was presented to management at each property.
This is the first in a series of announcements the DNCC will make over the next several months to fill the 17,000 hotel rooms reserved for delegates, alternates, media and members of the Democratic family. Approximately 7,000 rooms will be reserved specifically for delegates, alternates and their guests. For information on how to become a delegate, visit http://www.demconvention.com/a/2007/03/how_to_become_a.html.
Held from August 25-28, 2008, the Convention is expected to pump an estimated $160 million into the Denver area’s economy and draw approximately 35,000 visitors to the region.
MORE INFO CONTACT AT DNCC:          Jenni Engebretsen or Natalie Wyeth (Democratic National Convention Committee)   720-###-####

NY Dems Prepare for an East Coast/West Coast Thing at the Convention