Obama on Experience, the Clinton 'Brand'

Jason Horowitz has an account of Barack Obama’s campaign trail through New Hampshire this week, and reports what the candidate has to say about the Clinton “brand” and foreign policy experience.

“And what I always knew was that you know what we couldn’t compete nationally in terms of the brand name of the you know – the Clinton name is the dominant brand name in Democratic politics,” Obama said. “But what we could do was compete in early states and get known by people, and what we discovered is that when people know me as well as they know the other candidates we do very well.”

About the experience issue, Obama said, not for the first time: “And I have to remind them when I hear this, you know Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld had two of the longest resumes in Washington. They did. And led us into the worst foreign policy disaster in a generation. So long resumes don’t guarantee good judgment.”

He also talked about why his childhood in a Muslim country is, despite what the Clinton campaign says, an important element of his foreign policy resume.

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Obama on Experience, the Clinton 'Brand'