Pour One Out for The Hulk

Either former pro wrestler Hulk Hogan (a.k.a. Terry Bollea) was some kind of Peggy Siegal in a former life, or the empathy we feel for him is totally justified. Today, Page Six reported that the mustachioed muscleman is “devastated” by the pending divorce from his wife of 24 years, Linda Bollea. Fair enough—divorce is pretty awful stuff, especially when two children are caught in the mix.

But apparently Ms. Bollea is no saint; a source close to the couple said that the blonde bombshell wanted to play Monopoly with Hulk’s dough, mistakenly thinking her hubby had “Tom Cruise money” and could afford the $12 million house she wanted to buy—against her children’s wishes—in L.A. She must not have been very pleased about having to settle for a $35,000-a-month rental, because her divorce filing soon followed. (The family already owns a 17,000-square-foot spread and another, smaller waterfront manse.) To boot, Ms. Bollea likes to “party,” the source said, though for anyone who’s seen the family’s VH1 reality show, Hogan Knows Best, this news should come as little surprise.

Today, Mr. Bollea released a statement:

"Please respect my family’s privacy at this time with all that we have been through. I care for my wife and my children are my world and I just hope this all works out."

Alright, it’s settled. Professional wrestling is definitely fake. Pour One Out for The Hulk