Presidential preferences don’t affect June primaries

New Jersey seems to be Rudy Giuliani country: the former New York City Mayor is the clear front runner in New Jersey’s winner-take-all February 5 presidential primary. He has a strong lead in independent polls, and has dominated the establishment endorsement game. So it’s interesting to point out that some of the leading candidates in competitive Republican primaries next June are backing other candidates.

In the U.S. Senate race, businesswoman Anne Evans Estabrook is backing John McCain and serves on his Finance Committee; her rival for the GOP Senate nod, State Senator-elect Joseph Pennacchio, has endorsed Giuliani.

In the contest for the open seventh district congressional seat, Senate Minority Leader Leonard Lance is supporting Mitt Romney, while Assembly Minority Conference Leader Peter Biondi, Summit Councilwoman Kelly Hatfield, and Kate Whitman are for Giuliani.

And in District 3, another open seat, former Republican State Chairman David Norcross and defense contractor Christopher Myers are with Romney, while State Senator Diane Allen and just about every potential candidate in George Gilmore’s Ocean County are backing Giuliani. Presidential preferences don’t affect June primaries