Primary Blues

To the Editor:

Re “The Real Star of the G.O.P. Primary: Hillary” [Nov. 19]:

We’ve just finished with a midterm election and accomplished nothing.

Some of the players changed, but the game didn’t. They still accomplish nothing. The candidates’ main concern is getting votes for the 2008 presidential election, not facing our nation’s problems.

There’s a lot of discontent with our political system today, so I decided to refresh my memory of what happens in a presidential election.

There are primaries, but they’re not held in every state. Movements to establish a nationwide primary election have been unsuccessful to date. The elephants and the donkeys take the results to their national convention to determine who will bring in the most votes and pick their candidate.

You have to ask yourself if your vote meant anything, and remember that in some cases you didn’t get a chance to vote your real opinion.

This year, some states have been bumping up their primaries, and the news media says that, in the future, only the very rich or famous will be able to run for president. Is that what our forefathers envisioned for our country?

In the final election the votes are tallied. You can win the popular vote and still lose the election because the Electoral College makes the final decision. Many critics point out that the only system that can ensure election of the popular choice is direct popular election.

In 2000, the Supreme Court decided the election, and it did not coincide with the popular vote.

And look where we are today. Our politicians have set up a system that works for them, and “we the people” are left by the wayside.

Are “we the people” electing the president or is the political system picking one? Whatever happens, we watch the Elephant and Donkey Show, knowing promises made will end up on the shelf once the election is over.

William Furlow
Ocean Springs, Miss. Primary Blues