Regan vs. Rudy

To the Editor:

Re “If She Did It” [Nov. 26]:

However mercurial she may be, Judith Regan does not suffer Swift Boaters gladly. Stung, smeared and derided by an incestuous media-political complex, this savvy firebrand decided that retribution is a dish best served ice cold. Hence her impeccably timed $100 million lawsuit.

Ms. Regan knows whose closet houses the most skeletons. And by revealing what Rupert, Rudolph and Roger knew and when they knew it, she might well change the course of human events—or the trajectory of the 2008 Republican primaries.

If Ms. Regan’s abrupt dismissal from HarperCollins was News Corporation’s preemptive bid to stop her from disclosing the extent of Roger Ailes’ propinquity to Rudolph Giuliani, it was a ham-handed failure. But any bombshells about Bernard Kerik or Fox News will be the least of Rudy’s woes.

No, what may finally undo Giuliani is the intense media spotlight Ms. Regan’s revelations will shed on his shameless exploitation of 9/11. Caucus and primary voters in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina are still unaware of Rudy’s self-aggrandizing tactics in sidelining FEMA and OSHA after the Al Qaeda attacks. Nor do they realize that America’s mayor ignored the growing toxicity at Ground Zero, imperiling scores of rescuers and first-responders.

Ms. Regan’s legal broadside may also focus national attention on Rudy’s revisionism. Though he remains as ill-informed about Al Qaeda today as he was during his mayoralty, Mr. Giuliani claims near omniscience in matters relating to war, peace, terrorism and the Middle East. And now he is agitating for a possible strike on Iran.

Rather than succumbing to such foreign policy folderol, voters must ask themselves: Cui bono? Who benefits from Rudy’s comic-book bellicosity?

Should this come to pass, we will have Ms. Regan to thank.

Rosario Iaconis
, N.Y. Regan vs. Rudy