Senator on Cuomo 2010: ‘Cuomo Knows He’s the A.G.’

John Sampson, a Democratic state Senator from Brooklyn who is often aligned with the party establishment there, says he’s sure the Democratic Party will be able to avert any Spitzer-Cuomo showdown in 2010.

“I don’t think Cuomo is going to do that,” Sampson just told me when asked about Cuomo possibly challenging Spitzer for governor. "There is not going to be any internal fighting. We remember what our purpose is. We’re going to be able to deal with any internal feuds.”

The purpose he was referring to, he said, was reforming Albany and taking over the state Senate.

“You look at the record, there is no controversy,” he said. “Eliot is the governor. Andrew Cuomo knows he’s the Attorney General. I’m quite sure he’ll be running for re-election for Attorney General.

“There will be no confusion. He will back for Eliot Spitzer for governor. Of course.”

As for Spitzer’s chances of turning things around, Sampson said there’s plenty of time for that. “The perfect example is Giuliani. Up until September 11, anybody thought about Giuliani being America’s mayor? And what happened?” Senator on Cuomo 2010: ‘Cuomo Knows He’s the A.G.’