Siena Poll: Spitzer Looking Ragged

Siena has some new poll numbers out today (they’ll be posted here shortly) about Eliot Spitzer and his driver’s license plan. Liz has a bunch of the numbers, but to summarize: they are bad.

Eliot Spitzer’s favorability/unfavorability rating has gone from 54-36 in October, to 41-46 currently. Democrats oppose Spitzer’s driver’s license policy 55 – 36.
Overall, New Yorkers oppose the three-tiered driver’s license plan 65 – 28.

Looking forward, Siena pollster Steve Greenberg said, “Currently, only one in four voters is prepared to re-elect Eliot Spitzer. Only 37 percent of Democrats are prepared to re-elect him.”

UPDATE: The governor reacts. Siena Poll: Spitzer Looking Ragged