Simcha Felder on Pigeon Czar, ‘Poop’

You may have noticed that City Council member Simcha Felder is on a mission to do something about the city’s pigeons. Specifically, to starve them, but also, to discipline them by installing a pigeon “czar” into the city bureaucracy.

His zealousness has elicited some inspiring quotes from other council members, some bad press from the Daily News today and this news clip, which provides the rare spectacle of a public official saying "poop" on TV.

UPDATE: Felder’s office sent over an email which reads in part:

"I did want to clarify that our pigeon feeding ban would not starve the pigeons. Both PETA and the ASPCA have said things in support of our proposal."

The email goes on the mention PiCAS (Pigeon Control Advisory Service) International, which supports controlling pigeon populations through reducing food supply. Simcha Felder on Pigeon Czar, ‘Poop’